DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING? Is the Russian breeder using chemicals or treatments on their bees? Our stock is tested stock.
PO BOX 2520
Marion, N.C.,28752
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2016 Products & Prices

Russian queen bees [marked]                     40.00 each
Queens available after June 1.

Nucs(5frame)         180.00.00each
Medium or deep frames available

Complete Hives          300.00 each
Ten Frame deep boxes.

All queen prices are plus shipping.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Nucs and hives are for pick up only.

Nucs and Queens will be available in  very limited numbers! Nucs available after May 1.

To order: Phone: 828-652-3524 or
Queens are the foundation from which all quality productive hives are built. Poor queen equals BAD hive! Our queens are daughters produced from tested survivor stock.  Our genetic material has been acquired over a 14 year period from approximately 17 genetic lines. Queen mothers are rotated to give a variation to prevent inbreeding.

 Queens to be shipped are taken from mating nucs after they have established a brood nest. 

We are not a nuc or queen factory and do add much value because of the added attention our queens and nucs get. The standards we strive to meet gives beekeepers a product that is superior to any on the market.
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